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The Principles

The Principles

The clinic should be established towards the end of 2013 or beginning of 2014, providing treatments in a peaceful and creative environment.

The practice is founded on highly powerful principles and is deeply spiritual in nature, operating in accordance with divine guidance, universal and natural principles. This ensures that health is always maintained as it takes account of patterns of the past and symptoms that could arise in the future.

Client care and well being will always be at the forefront of the practioners mind and this will allow clients to fully engage with their health, well and spiritual being in a practical, creative and purposeful manner, being mindful of modern lifestyles and their demands.

The clinic operates according to a higher philosophy and one of the highest realities, as it combines ancient and modern ideas and draws upon a number of teachings and inspirations, some inspired through channeling and angelic attunement, others through traditional and sacred text.

The practitioners themselves will constantly develop their style and techniques and will be fully encouraged and supported in developing their intuition and mental capabilities so that their particular treatments are always geared towards the clients internal needs, as well as the external or more obvious. This ensures that the client has the best of both worlds as their wants and needs are balanced.

In Greenwich

Many Modes!

Transport & Accessibility

Map of Greenwich

Trains: Greenwich Town Centre to and from Central London - Charing Cross, Waterloo(East), London Bridge

Tube: North Greenwich Station for the Jubilee Line

DLR: Greenwich and Cutty Sark (Maritime Greenwich) to and from Bank for the Northern Line

Buses:Greenwich Town Centre, 177, 180, 188 (Russell Sq), 199 (Canada Water), 286, 386

Many Attractions.....

Geographic Location

The Practice will be located in the newly conferred Royal Greenwich in the South East of London, SE10. Greenwich has many places of interest, for example, it gives its name to Greenwich Meridian and Mean Time, the time by which all other times in the world are set.

Greenwich has historical roots, once being home of the infamous Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, it also has a magnificent riverfront and the recently restored Cutty Sark, popular with tourists, alongside Greenwich Park, the National Maritime Museum and many more attractions. To find out more about the area go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greenwich.

Fine Tuning


Vibrations can be used to send waves around a client's energyfield to harmonise and gently transform subtle energy. Preparatory vibrations can be utilised by the body to change............ African Bowl

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