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Our expertise is a combination of many different disciplines that include business and philosophy, art and sciences, practical and creative, technical and imaginative.We have a combination of public and private sector experience, formal and informal learning, the experience and the experiential! We have employed ancient and intellectual tools to be able assess, interpret, contemplate, analyse, report and compare data. We have tested our ideas in practice and we know what works. We ask the right questions and interpret information to discover the truest answers and meaning in relation to the clients position. Our analysis can help to formulate strategies, vision, aims, objectives, mission statements, policies, procedures, job descriptions advertising and marketing material.

We have exceptional insight and drama as we can demonstrate exactly what the client needs to see and the best response to certain circumstances. We are clarified and give our clients the eyes to see accurately and the vision to see things in new ways. We are synchronised and bring information to our clients in a manner of convenience, and in a time when it is most required.

Our lead consultant has exceeded the boundaries of ordinary enquiry and training to recommend intelligent solutions that can steer clients in the most cost effective, time efficient, knowledge generating direction, in order to fulfil their strategic objectives. Our strategic planning expertise will significantly annul the influence of any ostensible competitors to create a natural environment for revolution. Our psychological knowledge is responsive to the changing demands of customer desires and motivations. At Creations Consultancy, we have a deep understanding of group mentality and have the resources to further this understanding to produce extensive and quite focused market research to capture the market data that will inform sales force training.

We work principally and ethically to propose marketing strategies and develop training modules that have the healthiest psychological impact on your customers and meet sales objectives. Our mission is to produce Win Win solutions. We use our predictive tools to demonstrate the distinguished influence that our clients can have in the market place, by first relating to the genuine needs of their customers and having efficient resources to service their desires.

Human Resources

Creations Consultancy can measure your current understanding of Humans as Resources against evolutionary and planetary changes, to maintain compatibility with future environmental changes. This will asssit management in formulating a fully synergised HR and Business strategy and by undertaking a review of your ideas, we can examine your HR processes, to increase efficiency and transform redundant systems.

Human Resources Development

Using our spiritual, mental, emotional, personal, intellectual and creative development and intelligence, both internal and external, we assess the strength and durability of your workforce, to ensure that there are opportunities to develop latent and obvious talents, skills, qualities and abilities, we can also ensure that you have the right quantity and quality of energy in your business environment to meet your organisational objectives.

Talent Management

We can really put your organisation at the forefront, reaching new stratums of unscathed territory, by defining/redefining your talent pool, tapping into a mass of latent potential that, when optimised, will assure continued, sustained growth and expansion, achievable targets, especially in tougher economic times, robust markets and against key competitors. By conducting a capability assessment, we will refine productivity, performance, intelligence, expertise and innovation, opportunistically producing technology that will enhance products and services.

Learning & Development

We offer a range of bespoke and standard learning and development training that suits the requirements of your organisation, our diverse experiences and advanced skillset mean our ideas, style and delivery are unique, engaging and high impact. We possess very deep, thorough and clarified thought processes that will facilitate leaders to think and behave in new ways. Our training makes change possible, enjoyable, challenging, and exciting- on occasions, effortless!

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Our experientially gained insight into culture and change affords us a unique advantage that we transfer to our clients. With our reprocess engineering, we extract the best of the existing culture, inventing a hybrid of old and new, that which sustained you, synergised with culture and a mind-set that will realign and propel forward, or towards your desired state or position. Our proprietary tools and techniques lay a platform that eases the transition and steers the organisation in managed and timely fashion, minimising and controlling externalities and the effects of impediments so that business performance is uninterrupted.

Change Management

Aside from culture change, organisation's are faced with responding to the integration of new systems, the tenets of new stakeholders and an ever evolving, fluctuating business environment; forced to reply to changes in government policy and ethical principles, modification pressurises management to revise strategies. P.S. Creations Consultancy can manage these changes effectively using our superlative organisational, planning expertise and our resource management and refinement acumen. We see Time as a resource that requires respect, fundamental and precise understanding, only then can your organisation ride the wave of change and we’re not just there for the ride, we prepare you for the journey and navigate a safe passage.

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