When consulting we examine the cause and effect, action and reaction, inherited growth, development and nature, taking into account the past, present and future. We look at fatalistic behaviour and destination. We look at the pyramid effect and inspiration, examine the mind-body relationship; that is the organisation's, tangible structure and the intangible framework - the client's ideas.

We investigate the cause of frustrated energy (percieved blocks & obstacles in planning) and ways to transform this into productive and usable energy/material - opportunity. We have many other methods of assessment that are applied during and beyond the introductory phase.

Brief Sample of Engagement

Introductory Phase:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Report Summary
  • Issues
  • Scope of Involvement
  • Define Project Outcomes

    Confirm Instructions:

  • Proposal
  • Strategy
  • Implementation Strategy


  • Phases
  • Initial
  • Mid Review
  • Final Review
  • Evaluation Phase
  • Review

    Measured Outcomes:

  • Client
  • Consultant
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We pride ourselves on offering a service that is beyond and above all else - Wise. We impart the inherent characteristics of wisdom and the application of it in business practice. We teach our clients discernment and discrimination in a practical and purposeful manner. Our wisdom helps clients to expand and grow boldly through making the right decisions.

Our wisdom is once again, practical, trusted and relied upon in complexed negotiations, interactions and in assessing competition. This facilitates our ability to understand existing needs and advise on future trends.

We increase our clients capacity to think objectively which in turn increases clarity, the increase in clarity produces focus which is strength of vision. With strong vision, confidence improves the overall image of the organisation and creates the best opportunity to commence branding and market presence.

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We have access and permission to use the latest/highest industry (planetary) information, new knowledge and intelligence. This information assists clients in making sound decisions and exercise the right judgment to enable the organisation to remain on the right track, increase confidence and security. It allows clients to remain or become industry leaders and experts in their particular field.

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