P.S. Creations Consultancy delivers advice and training for small to large organisations. We create the right experiences for our clients, which are conducive to high levels of performance. We ensure clients are in the healthiest conditions and their assets are producing efficient returns. We use powerful and effective tools which means we continually develop new intelligence that place our clients in the strongest position, in support of the realisation of their vision, aims and objectives at all levels.

Our management expertise, coupled with the most powerful tools of transformation, increases the physical, emotional and mental health of our clients organisation, averting the possibility of difficulty in the future. The realisation of key objectives and financial targets can be quite a natural bi product of this process. We are at the forefront of building healthy relationships that are based upon trust, respect and mutual understanding.

We offer consultancy services to industries such as Property, Construction & Real Estate, Education, Health, Telecommunications, Energy & Utilities, Food & Catering, Media & Entertainment, Security & Defence, Design and Retail.

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Service Offerings

Primarily, P.S. Creations Consultancy offers consulting in Human Resource Development, assisting organisations with the development of a new or redefining an existing HR Strategy to support the launch of new products and services, redundancies, improve the organisations overall performance and operations, meet financial targets or accelerate customer relations.

We help organisations to improve their design so that their processes are enhanced from our evaluation of all the individual components of their business their relationship and aspect to one and another, unpicking poorly constructed elements and ironing out any potential problems. We undertake HR Audits and Assessments to ensure that our clients manage a working environment in which their human capital are able to achieve maximum output from a fully integrated and systemised environment.

Our consultants understand the nature of talent and the laws of attraction, we help our clients attract the best, by being the best, or planting the seed, designing the blueprint, the vision, to enable the future to bring that potential to fruition. We are experts in understanding Culture, its constitution, its best and its worst; we are skilled Change Management experts, we can help clients move towards a culture that is better suited to their fundamental requirements, their positioning and business strategy. We develop intimate relationships with management to gain insight into their existing working environment, identify hard and soft spots within the organisation so that we can produce realistic and achievable implementation strategies and timescales, impart the very best tools and techniques to ease the transition from one culture to the next or the fusion and integration of one or several cultures.

Our Learning & Development skillset includes the facilitation of One-2-One Development, Team Building, Career Development, Performance Management and Health Planning.

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