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Moving Beyond the Surface

In such a commercial and superficial environment, it is important that organisations move beyond the surface, so that advancement is not “estopped” by strategic inconsistencies. At P.S. Creations Consultancy, we will use our understanding of communications and do the Maths and certify that it is not just the figures that add up. We will contribute by helping clients think about the kind of work force they might need generally and for non-core work activities, by examining inherent attitudes, beliefs and ideas, using our bespoke or standard tools, techniques or intuitive technology.

With our reengineering or reprocess proficiency, we help create a workforce that is paralleled with the organisations objectives at a fundamental and superficial level, which our competitors will not be able to accomplish. The benefit to the client is that this approach creates or enhances substance, solidity and removes traces of ineptness and enhances desirability or attractiveness at all levels.

Life is a Musical

P.S Creations Consultancy can examine employee function and positioning generally and for specific activities, using the one to one coaching style, our Energy Consultant will use a variety of iridescent intellectual tools and geniuses to comprehend the employees energetic environment to facilitate progress and suggest tools and techniques for reducing waste and over time, identify emerging areas of capitalisation which will improve individual and departmental performance.

Our research and understanding can bring new understanding to old material which offers the organisation impetus and fresh challenges; it may create opportunities for partnerships or competitive advantage and ammunition to excel in conflict resolution at board level. This increases resources, such as time, so that management can redirect focus to areas that offer greater returns.

Training key employees to communicate rhythmically and lyrically will enhance their power of communication and effectiveness. Creations Consultancy’s training will help them to summarise information contained in complex or lengthy documents skilfully and assist in the use of their current vocabulary with different levels of subtlety and aggressiveness for varying scenarios, this is especially useful for senior members of staff involved in communicating value to customers.

Creations Consultancy train key staff with tools and techniques to use higher levels of communication, negotiation and diplomacy, which if successfully learnt, could increase the organisations market share as products and services will begin to possess a universal appeal, if so desired. This will reduce time spent developing strategies for each product or service, instead Creations Consultancy will develop and create strong bonds with the client and partners the client's understanding of their customer preferences with the power to use perception, so that customers place value or their attention is drawn to what they most value.

Administration....Public Relations......Marketing......

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Internal Change Management and Organisational Direction

P.S. Creations Consultancy offers a service tailored to suit your organisational needs in a well planned and structured manner. We have the expertise, knowledge and technology to guide your organisation in the right direction to ensure success and prosperity in the future.

Our expertise allows clients to organise their resources comfortably and recognize the worth of investment in themselves. This improves confidence in the organisational aims and objectives increases the likelihood of realising the overall vision. We know the time and effort that our clients spend investing in themselves improves efficiency, performance, productivity savings and results without compromising long term quality. We advise and manage the pace of these changes.

Initiate and Manage Restructuring or Expansion

We examine our clients health, examining and investigating their entire operation offering insight to areas of health and identifying symptoms of "disease" and the potential for frustration or stress in the future, using our intelligence we are able to reverse the symptoms and eliminate the disease.

Formulate/Revise Strategies and Targets

We assist in the formulation and revision of new strategies and targets culminating in the creation of a new and highly energised strategic plan that is practical, realistic, innovative and challenges our client. We create new or strengthen the existing meaning and purpose of the organisation increasing functionality to optimum levels. Our strategies produce a real capacity to meet targets.

Vision Development

Creations Consultancy can examine an organisation's principals and core values and our expertise ensures that our clients are using and embodying the right words and carrying out the right actions that accurately describe and best place the organisation. We use our knowledge and understanding to ensure that clients are able to see their position in their industry, ensure that they have an accurate picture and see their future positively.

Internal Resolutions

Our level of consciousness, awareness, adaptability and flexibility enables us to have a thoroughly sound and accurate perspective, we have dynamic view and positioning, our angles help us to resolve internal difficulties by identifying the root causes, resolving the complexities, identifying common ground, thereby creating space for refinement.

Creative Solutions

Our consultants have combined business models and practice with the art of imagination and creativity. We offer and apply many conventional and unconventional solutions.

HR Management

P.S. Creations Consultancy can examine your human resources and advice on all aspects of latent potential, skill development, training, redundancy and hindering services. Our consultants understand the correct mentality and physical conditions that the organisation would require to achieve and further successes in the future.

Our consultants can advise and provide services that improve existing and attract the best talent to your organisation. Our unique training programme can help to improve the intelligence of your organisation.

Developing Policies and Procedures

Our consultants can report on areas of law and best practice that effect your organisation and formulate policies and procedures that enhance our clients working environment and functionality.

Building Customer and Client Relations

Our consultants are relationship experts who understand how connections are made and maintained and what causes relationships to change or severe. Our knowledge and expertise can establish genuine and long lasting relationships and increase customer and client loyalty. We report on all aspects of relating and how to make them work, our knowledge and expertise can help to repair and strengthen customer and client bonds.

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