Spiritual healing is connected with time as this is required to see and understand all aspects that bring remedy to situations. Fundamentally, healing makes things better and takes place on many different levels and through natural means. It is the mind, body and spirit in alignment with nature and an individuals or groups highest state or principle at any given moment in time. When the mind, body and spirit are as one, this brings about a deep feeling of happiness, peace, freedom, balance and harmony which, because of the strength that comes from this connection is very hard to be disturbed, there is a feeling of being centred and rooted and increased confidence in life and people.

Spiritual healing involves examining your relationship or lack of to God, the divine, the universe or what you consider to be greater. It involves understanding karmic circumstances, causes and effects, which can sometimes be great, you may want to understand what is the cause of such great fortune in your life in order to maintain it, give thanks or appreciate it more. It also involves embodying your ultimate purpose in life. Understanding your purpose can have a considerable affect on your well being as it can revitalize areas of your life increase your levels of energy and motivation. It allows life to become more free flowing and reduces worry and other anxieties.

Healing physical illnesses, most often involves discovering the cause of the illness and the things that contribute to the state of ill health and establishing what needs to be done in order to heal these conditions, if these condition can indeed be healed, otherwise understanding the best way to live with illness is another type of healing.

Healing the mind involves purifying thoughts and feeling and having a greater understanding of the experiences that can sometimes cause pain and discomfort and the way that you have chosen to relate, not only to the experiences, but the thoughts and feeling that form part of those experiences. This often involves a change in perspective, learning acceptance, forgivesness, building inner confidence, these changes may have an impact on your surroundings, work, relationships, skills, abilities as internal changes begin to take shape in the external world. Healing the mind can make a huge difference to the body and the way that it has experiences. Creative energy is a part of the healing process as it helps to lift the vibration of a client and can be used to transform virtually all aspects of life, as in essence, creative energy is life itself.

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